What Level of Care is Sober Living? – When and How to Get into Sober Living

People learning about what level of care is sober living

Data from the Addiction Center reveal that 23 million people in the U.S. have struggled with at least one addiction at some point in their lives. Sadly, only 25% of them seek addiction treatment. Considering how detrimental drug and alcohol addiction can be to one’s physical, mental, and social well-being, it’s imperative for individuals struggling […]

How to Do an Intervention for Alcoholics – Helping Loved One

Group of friends offering an intervention to their friend

When a loved one struggles with alcoholism, the effects are not only limited to the person with the addiction. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a condition that has far-reaching impacts on the individual’s family and friends, including relationship distress, financial devastation, and increased fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, when someone is abusing substances, it is often […]

What Is Sobriety Exactly & What Does it Mean?

Man choosing to say no to alcohol because he knows what is sobriety

Each month, in the United States, a little over 60 percent of people aged 12 and over report using alcohol or drugs. While not everyone who drinks alcohol abuses, more than 25 percent develop an alcohol abuse disorder. Around 20 million Americans struggle with a drug abuse disorder.  A substance abuse disorder can affect a […]

The 6 Main Benefits of Quitting Alcohol 

Woman declining alcohol because she knows the benefits of quitting alcohol

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a chronic disease that affects nearly 15 million people 12 years and older, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism report of 2019. This condition is associated with compulsive alcohol drinking, loss of control over intake, and negative emotional states when there’s no alcohol available.  Quitting alcohol […]

What is Sober Curious Exactly?

Woman who has learned to live with a sober curious lifestyle

Drinking alcohol is normalized throughout much of society. Most people think little of addiction while having a glass of wine with dinner or breaking out a few beers while hanging out with friends and family. However, especially as alcohol consumption patterns changed during the pandemic, many people have started to reevaluate their overall alcohol consumption, […]

Sobriety Difficulty – 6 Tips on How to Stay Sober

Couple having fun after learning tips on how to stay sober

Sobriety is hard when recovering from any addiction, and a simple “I quit” doesn’t mark the end of your dependence on alcohol or drugs. It’s a lifelong process that requires recommitting yourself every day. If you’re wondering how to stay sober after quitting, you’re not the only one.  It’s important to know that sobriety is […]