Virtual IOP for Mental Health & Substance Abuse

No Matter What Recovery is an outpatient treatment center for substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Our team believes in delivering our clients with high-quality care throughout the entire process of recovery. 

We specialize in treating the LGBTQ+ community and trauma in Los Angeles and offer various treatment options, including outpatient services and evening virtual intensive outpatient programs.

What Are Intensive Outpatient Programs?

Intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs, are an alternative to residential programs for treating mental health issues, substance abuse disorders, or dual diagnoses that do not require medical detoxification or 24-hour supervision. While residential treatment programs require clients to reside on-site, intensive outpatient programs enable patients to live at home and continue their daily lives.

Intensive outpatient treatment helps patients establish support mechanisms and develop coping skills and strategies to help with relapse management, and provide coping strategies. These programs offer an effective alternative to residential treatment for some people with mental health and substance use disorders or dual diagnosis. In addition, IOPs can help patients leaving residential programs to transition more smoothly and seamlessly back into their families and communities.

What Is a Virtual Night Intensive Outpatient Program

At No Matter What Recovery, we offer an intensive outpatient program that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to connect you to our team of professionals. Our virtual intensive outpatient program is a secure and convenient way for you or a loved one to receive high-quality care in a virtual setting.

Our virtual IOP provides individual and group therapy sessions for you and your family when attending in person is not necessary or preferred. In addition, our virtual night intensive outpatient program makes it easier and more convenient than ever to get the help you need, regardless of your busy schedule.

Benefits of a Virtual IOP

Our virtual IOP sessions at No Matter What Recovery provide clients with the same effective treatment as traditional IOPs but offer several benefits. Virtual IOP programs offer clients flexibility yet still provide the necessary support for long-term recovery. 

 Some benefits of a virtual IOP program include:


A virtual IOP offers flexibility with programs that fit your busy lifestyle. A virtual IOP enables you or your loved one to connect with a therapist from home to overcome behavioral health challenges. Our virtual IOP is as effective as traditional IOPs while providing clients with added privacy, convenience, & reduced costs.

Meeting with Professionals

Virtual IOP participants can access the same comprehensive treatment available through a traditional IOP. In addition, our team of industry-leading licensed therapists specializes in virtual IOP treatment and provides ongoing support meetings.


Many people have discovered the convenience of telehealth and the ability to get help from anywhere. For some people with physical limitations or mental conditions such as stress and anxiety, the ability to seek treatment without leaving home can be life-changing. The convenience of a virtual IOP makes it an excellent option if it's difficult for you to travel, and your home provides a safe place to heal.


At No Matter What Recovery, we believe in treating patients throughout every step of recovery. We strive to provide the treatment you need wherever you are, and we understand that in-person treatment may not always be a viable option. With our virtual IOP, our team can provide you with treatment at home and ensure you get the quality care you need.

How Virtual IOP Works

A virtual IOP works similarly to a traditional IOP, except that your treatment sessions are conducted online or by phone instead of attending daily group support meetings and counseling sessions. 

You can attend our virtual IOP via:




The virtual setting also provides clients with the same level of privacy through the use of HIPPA-compliant video conferencing.

Before Your Enrollment

Like a traditional IOP, a virtual IOP starts with a comprehensive assessment from a licensed specialist. You will schedule a telehealth appointment with our team, and a counselor will ask questions about your health background, substance abuse history, and treatment goals. Your care team will review your intake assessment results and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Virtual programs also use evidence-based treatment that is used at in-person IOP sessions.

What You’ll Be Doing

Once enrolled, you will attend individual and group online therapy sessions with others in recovery via video chat. Virtual IOP sessions are scheduled like in-person sessions, typically three to five days a week for several hours a day.

The Perks

Licensed therapists conduct all virtual IOP sessions, and like a traditional IOP, medication management is included if needed. In addition, a virtual IOP provides around-the-clock support from your treatment team through live chat or phone calls and resources such as local support groups to further assist you.

What Our Virtual IOP Treats

Millions of U.S. citizens are affected by mental health issues every year. Unfortunately, about a third of the people with mental health issues turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism, compounding their issues by developing an addiction. The Virtual IOP sessions at No Matter What Recovery are designed to provide patients with the support and knowledge they need to recover from addiction and treat their underlying mental health issues.

Types of Therapy at Virtual IOP

Types of Therapy

At No Matter What Recovery, we offer clients several types of therapy through our virtual IOP sessions, including:

Virtual IOP

Our virtual IOP offers the following:

Signing Up for Virtual IOP

Signing up for a virtual IOP at No Matter What Recovery is quick and easy. Contact us by phone or online to schedule an initial assessment. Then, one of our experienced specialists will gather information about your medical and mental health history and explore your treatment goals. Our team will then develop a treatment plan and provide you with treatment options that fit your goals and needs.

Start Your Night Virtual IOP with No Matter What

While every situation is unique, virtual IOPs can be an instrumental part of healing for many individuals. And our night virtual IOP sessions in Los Angeles make it easier than ever to find a treatment option that fits your lifestyle. Our mental health professionals will consider your symptoms and your family history and recommend the best treatment option for your situation. 

Contact us today to find out if our virtual IOP is the treatment option you have been searching for and the best treatment for you or your loved one.