Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) Los Angeles

At No Matter What Recovery, we offer one of the most outstanding partial hospitalization programs (PHP) in Los Angeles for those on a path of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our goal in addiction treatment is to achieve overall well-being and long-term sobriety for each person that walks through our doors. Our team of healthcare experts—psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counselors, specialized therapeutic practitioners, and coaches—work cooperatively to support the detox and healing process.

Each person’s journey of recovery is unique. Some may need the intensive outpatient care of a rehab center in Los Angeles. And for others, outpatient services and meetings provide sufficient support.

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What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial hospitalization programs are a middle point between an outpatient program and an inpatient/residential care. A PHP is for someone who no longer requires intensive inpatient care but isn’t quite ready to return to their regular life without any professional support.

Partial hospitalization programs offer comprehensive structured care, while at the same time making it possible for clients to engage in their lives—to some degree at least—outside of treatment. A recovering addict in a PHP program will spend most of the day in the rehabilitation center, and then go home at night. Hence, PHPs are sometimes known as “day treatment.”

In California, partial hospitalization programs (PHP) typically require that a client be onsite at the rehab center for 5-7 days per week, for several hours each day. During this time the person will participate in therapeutic activities in accordance with their individual treatment plan.

Some people enter PHP rehab after hospitalization or time in a residential rehab facility. Others come directly into partial hospitalization before their substance abuse and/or mental health situation requires inpatient treatment. In either case, the client’s time is split between on-campus therapeutic sessions and time at home or work.

Benefits of PHP Rehab in Los Angeles

For a person recovering from alcohol or drug addiction (e.g., opioids, heroin, meth, benzos)—or someone with a dual diagnosis—PHP rehab is a viable treatment option, to bridge the gap between intensive residential care and outpatient treatment.

The benefits of partial hospitalization programs—including the one offered by No Matter What Recovery—include forms of treatment common to both inpatient and outpatient services. For instance:

  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning
  • Professional medical care, including medication management
  • Expert mental health counseling via individual and group therapy
  • Regular addiction-recovery meetings
  • Access to recovery resources

Partial hospitalization treatment provides structure and accountability, while at the same time supporting the client’s capacity to reintegrate into healthy life activities. PHP treatment for opiate use disorder has also been shown to improve emotional health and overall quality of life.

Therapies Used in Our Los Angeles Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs at No Matter What Recovery offer a wide range of therapeutic and treatment modalities, including:

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program Right for Me?

The suitability of Partial Hospitalization treatment for a particular individual will depend upon where they are in their recovery process.

A PHP rehab program provides the recovering addict with a balance between structured clinical supervision and personal responsibility. It offers a supportive and empowering link between residential treatment and regular home/work life.

PHP treatment in Los Angeles County can be an excellent choice for people who:

What to Expect from Our Los Angeles PHP Rehab

Our PHP treatment program offers clients the flexibility of living in their own homes (or in a sober living environment) while participating, during the day, in on-campus addiction treatment programs.

Our approach to healing addiction and treating mental health disorders is holistic. It encompasses every aspect of a person’s well-being: physical, mental, and spiritual. As part of the addiction recovery process, our clients work to cultivate healthy habits and an overall healthier lifestyle to ensure a happier future.

As mentioned above, traditional therapeutic modalities such as psychotherapy and medication are complemented with nutritional counseling, Yoga, fitness, and meditation—to nourish the whole person.

Each client receives focused and individualized treatment, designed to reduce the severity of their symptoms; and to help improve their understanding of the changes they can make to reduce their suffering and prevent additional dysfunctional behavior.

The bottom line is that PHP rehab for substance abuse and/or mental health disorders can effectively facilitate healing and support long-lasting sobriety.

For more information or to begin your healing journey now, please feel free to contact us.