Group Therapy
in Los Angeles

Fighting addiction is a tough journey. You have to carefully manage triggers and deal with cravings—not once or twice, but severally until you fully recover.

The good news is that group therapy in Los Angeles is a powerful way to fight addiction. Through participating in group therapy, individuals can heal and get back to living a sober life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, this option offers a supportive recovery environment. No Matter What Recovery (NMW) offers result-driven Los Angeles group therapy.

We will give you the support you need during this difficult time. Call us today at (323) 498-3408 to help you recover from addiction as fast as possible.

What Is Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery?

Group therapy is a form of counseling. As the name suggests, a group of people dealing with addiction comes together to discuss common issues. A licensed therapist guides the discussion to ensure it is meaningful and helpful to the group members.

The group method allows you to share your experiences and get feedback from people dealing with the same problem. You also learn from other people’s experiences and build healthy relationships with them. For this reason, group therapy in Los Angeles comes with massive benefits.

The Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment

At No Matter What Recovery (NMW), our group therapy benefits you in many ways. Here are some of the biggest reasons to consider group therapy for addiction treatment.

Group Therapy Helps You Realize You're Not Alone

You start your journey to sobriety with people who have a similar problem—addiction. This approach helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggles. It shows you that other talented and strong people struggle just like you.
You learn that your problems are not unique, and you are more normal than you may think. You also understand that you’re not as broken as the situation might seem. As a result, you accept your problems, which is crucial to recovering from addiction.

You Get the Opportunity to Give and Receive Support in Addiction Recovery

Giving and receiving support is crucial in addiction treatment. By sharing your experiences and coping skills, you bond with group members. The bond creates a meaningful therapeutic alliance essential in the recovery journey.

Supporting others shows you how you can positively and powerfully impact other people’s lives in the recovery process.

On the other hand, support from group members helps you discover new coping skills from participants’ experiences. In short, group therapy creates a community that builds and cares for its members.

Group Support and Expert Guidance

With group therapy, you have access to support from members and guidance from a licensed therapist. Combining these two components can accelerate the recovery period.

After all, expert guidance helps you manage addiction triggers and cravings, while group support shows you that you’re not alone. These are crucial components in the journey to recovering from addiction. Contact us today to start a successful recovery journey at No Matter What Recovery.

How Is Group Therapy in Los Angeles Used in Addiction Recovery?

At No Matter What Recovery, we use a well-rounded approach to addiction recovery. Our group sessions focus on:

  • Rebuilding your self-esteem
  • Reconnecting with your inner-self to effectively deal with life
  • Equipping you with skills to change destructive patterns so that you can live a more fulfilling life
  • A holistic recovery approach (mind-body-spirit)

Our addiction recovery program combines an exclusive 12-step recovery model and effective therapeutic techniques. This program helps you understand the addictive process and how to abstain from substance abuse.

We use the following group therapy models in our addiction recovery program.

  • The Psychoeducation group model: It educates group members about mental health and substance abuse. It informs them of behaviors related to substance abuse and consequences to help them abstain.
  • The Support group model: It supports participants through shared experiences, group discussions, and solving addiction problems as a group.
  • The skills development model: It equips participants with abstinence skills. The therapist teaches these skills based on the members’ needs.
  • Cognitive-behavioral group model: It focuses on destructive behaviors that contribute to substance abuse. This model also focuses on new effective ways to avoid destructive behavior.


Are you looking to end your substance abuse and begin a successful recovery journey? Our team is ready to help you start your journey to recovery.

What Kind of Group Therapies Does NMW Recovery Program Offer?

In addition to individual, family, and multi-family therapies, we offer the following group therapies:

  • Psycho-educational group therapy
  • Relapse prevention group therapy
  • Life skills group therapy
  • Small group therapy
  • Relaxation and meditation group therapy


Join our group therapy program in Los Angeles to start living a sober life.

Is Group Therapy Right for You?

Should you choose individual or group therapy for addiction recovery? According to research, group and individual therapy are equally effective. At NMW Recovery, we personalize your group therapy experience to ensure you get the best possible value. We focus on the roots of your problems to help you recover fast and live a fulfilling life you genuinely deserve.

Before attending our group therapy sessions, we match your specific needs with other patients. As a result, we ensure you join a therapy group whose members’ needs are similar to yours. Some of the personal information we consider include:

  • Treatment preferences
  • Emotional stability
  • Unique needs (e.g., sexual preferences)
  • Stage in recovery

Is Group Therapy in Los Angeles Cheaper than individual therapy?

Yes, group therapy is cheaper than individual therapy. Generally, group therapy costs around ½ to ⅓ the price of individual therapy. Sober living in Los Angeles doesn’t have to dig deep into your pocket with group recovery. Seek the help you need today with the No Matter What Recovery program.

No Matter What Recovery Program (NMW) Is Unique Because…

  • We personalize our therapy services to suit your unique needs, even as a therapy group member.
  • We offer outpatient and residential therapy services to ensure you recover in the best possible environment.
  • We have experts with over 25 years of experience in addiction recovery. We have what it takes to help you get better and live a more fulfilling life that you truly deserve.


Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more. You can also contact us for any inquiries to help you start a successful journey in addiction recovery.