Los Angeles

Sober Living

No Matter What Recovery Residences are nestled in the Hollywood Hills below the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California. The residences provide a safe place to stay while people are in their early stages of recovery.
Each secured home has a warm and inviting style with a living room, dining room, and kitchen common areas as well as shared bedrooms. Individual rooms can be accommodated as an upgrade. Both homes have patio and backyard amenities.
When you pick No Matter What Recovery sober living programs, you receive a strong recovery community that works together to achieve long-term sobriety. Our treatment programs at No Matter What encourage you to be grateful to be on your journey to a new life in recovery. Located in the neighborhood of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, you will get a spirited and diverse network of people that want to see you succeed in life.

No Matter What Recovery’s houses will provide the ‘at home’ feeling you’ve been missing, and is a vital part of your recovery journey. The moment you walk in the front door, you get this overwhelming feeling of belonging and ready to start your journey to recovery.

Our treatment center’s sober houses have plenty of nearby sights to see, and things to do, located minutes from the 101 highway. It’s convenient to get anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

With plenty of hikes and natural beauty to see in the Hollywood Hills, it’s the perfect place to reside and focus on yourself and your recovery.



The sober living homes in Los Angeles are a safe and sober environment where clients can achieve health and wellness. At No Matter What Recovery, we take a holistic approach to addiction treatment, healing every part of a person’s wellbeing – body, mind, and spirit. We integrate mindfulness techniques, meditation, fitness, and pair them with traditional therapies.

We know the importance of going to a Southern California treatment that understands you and cares for your health and wellbeing. Our clients work towards a healthier lifestyle, and a happier future at No Matter What Recovery.