10 Benefits of Traveling to Los Angeles for Rehab


If you or a loved one has recently made the tough and immensely brave decision to go to rehab, there are likely many thoughts running through your head. Chief among them is probably “which treatment center should I choose?”

This is understandable. Where you choose to begin your recovery is a huge decision and one that should be considered carefully. You need to make sure you will get the very best possible care to facilitate successful treatment for issues involving substance abuse and mental health.

You might be considering going to a local rehabilitation center, but there is a strong case to be made for traveling to receive treatment. There are many advantages associated with going somewhere that is far away from your daily life, especially to a city such as Los Angeles.

This s important decision requires you to weigh all your options. Below, you’ll find 10 compelling reasons why traveling for addiction recovery is beneficial. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

1. There Are Specialized Treatment Options Available

Los Angeles is a city that has some of the most advanced medical facilities and treatment centers in the world. What might be lacking in your hometown, you may be able to find in LA. There are a number of cutting-edge and specialized treatments available to you at No Matter What Recovery.

These are just a sampling of the kind of therapies you may not have access to in a local treatment center. By traveling to a city like Los Angeles, a whole new world of options opens up.

2. You’re Less Likely to Leave Before the End of Treatment

One of the biggest arguments for traveling to receive treatment in a different area than your hometown: the chances that you will check out prematurely are minimized. Although you may not think this is a likely scenario now, many people find it difficult to stay the course. 

By choosing somewhere that is removed from where you live, you are making it more difficult to return home, thus helping to eliminate the temptation from your mind.

3. You Won’t Be Distracted by Negative Influences

One of the dangers of going to a local treatment center is that you may come into contact with people who are negative influences in your life. This can bring up old feelings and temptations to return to your past. In order to have a successful recovery, you should try to have as little contact as possible with enabling forces.

Choosing to travel to a different city or state puts physical distance between you and anything that could distract you from your recovery journey. Removing yourself from the bad influences in your past is one way to help you recover.

4. A Change of Setting Can Help Change Your Mindset

Of course, your recovery isn’t dependent on a physical location. However, taking yourself out of your home and moving to a completely new location can help foster a fresh perspective and a new mindset. It allows you to begin your recovery with a clean slate, in a new location, without ties to your past.

5. Traveling for Treatment Offers a Greater Choice of Treatment Centers

Naturally, you will want to find the best care possible in a center that suits your individual needs and situation. Unfortunately, this is something that might not be present in your current location. 

If you’re looking for top-quality treatment, Los Angeles is the right place. It is home to over 1,500 rehab centers, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find one that is right for you.

6. Traveling for Treatment Allows You to Rediscover Yourself

Choosing to begin your recovery and leaving your old life behind is difficult; however, it can be made even more so if you’re still in the same physical location. 

After struggling with addiction, a necessary step on the road to recovery is to rediscover who you are as a person without the influence of drugs or alcohol. Moving to a new location can make the process a little easier.

7. Los Angeles is a Perfect Setting for Recovery and Healing

As you begin your recovery journey, you will want to give yourself every possible chance of success. Small things like the setting and environment of your treatment center can have a big impact on your mood and mental health.

Los Angeles as a city tends to be more welcoming of allmore connected to nature, and one of the more moderate climates in the US. Many people agree that bad weather can create negative emotions. In Los Angeles, the climate and the surroundings may be more conducive to a successful recovery.

8. Traveling for Treatment  Affords You Greater Privacy

If you’ve made the decision to seek treatment, you should be able to do so discreetly. Questions and whispers from those in your hometown can cause a great deal of stress and pressure. By traveling for addiction recovery, you can more easily keep your treatment private—if that’s what you wish.

9. You Can Take a Holistic Approach to Healing

Many rehabs in Los Angeles offer forms of treatment that are not available in other locations. One such example of this is the opportunity to take a holistic approach to your recovery

Combining things such as acupuncture, yoga, and meditation with more traditional treatment therapies are proven to work wonderfully for many people, and you might decide it would be best for you, too.

10. You’ll Receive World Class Treatment

Unfortunately, in many treatment centers, the level of care is substandard. By traveling to receive treatment in Los Angeles, you receive some of the most comprehensive and highly commended types of therapy in the world. You can be confident that your recovery is in good hands.

Traveling to Rehab in Los Angeles: Could It Be for You?

Everyone is different and will have individual needs for a successful recovery, so it’s important to be conscientious in making your decision about where you receive treatment.

If you’re considering traveling to Los Angeles for treatment, and you’d like to learn more about the services we offer here at No Matter What Recovery, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.