5 Benefits of Holistic Rehab in Los Angeles


Did you know that around 21 million Americans suffer from an addiction?

If you or someone you love is battling an addiction, it’s important to know you’re not alone. There are plenty of other people who have been in the same place you are right now, and so many of them will have managed to get out, start healing, and find peace, but it all begins with treatment.

There are lots of treatment options out there for addiction, making it important for you to do some research to find the right approach for you. One of the more popular methods gaining momentum over the years is holistic rehab.

To help you learn more about this and decide whether holistic rehab is right for you, we’ve put together some benefits of holistic rehab. Keep reading to find out if holistic rehab is right for you. 

What is Holistic Rehab?

When it comes to holistic rehab versus traditional rehab, there are a lot of differences but also a lot of similarities. To start with, both can offer detox programs, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medication-assisted programs, and more. Just because some rehabs take a more holistic approach doesn’t mean you’ll lose out on tried and tested methods of addiction recovery.

Along with those methods, holistic rehabs go one step further to offer alternative programs that traditional rehabs won’t offer. These treatment options are chosen based on a belief system and what we’ve seen help others, turning away from a strict program to create a more well-rounded treatment offering. 

For example, at No Matter What Recovery in Los Angeles, we offer a range of treatments that you won’t find at traditional centers, like:

  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Sound baths
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

We’ve found these complement traditional therapy practices such as CBT and we’ve seen wonderful results in many people. Holistic therapy gets back to the basics of humanity –using techniques that have been trusted for thousands of years– to help you or your loved one find peace during recovery from addiction.

Treat Your Whole Being

When it comes to choosing a Los Angeles rehab, only facilities that offer holistic therapies are going to treat your whole being; mind, body, and soul. This three-pronged approach is essential for a full recovery. We’ll dive deep to heal all of your trauma and help you understand more about the roots of your addiction.

Holistic therapy works on the physical strains that addiction can have, such as nutrient deficiencies. You can take part in fitness programs and yoga to strengthen the body and learn how to feed yourself from a place of compassion and wellness. A strong body will strengthen the mind, helping you on your journey to recovery.

When looking at the mind, traditional therapy is a great help. However, holistic therapists know that the mind, spirit, and body are linked, and so you can also use treatments that are more spiritual to understand who you are, where your trauma has come from, and how to heal. Spiritual treatments are focused on wellbeing and finding peace within yourself and the world around you.

Introduction to Low-Cost Coping Methods

While CBT, group therapy, and medication are all great ways to tackle addiction, they’re not always sustainable. You might not want or have the means to keep going to therapy once a week . This is where holistic approaches come in.

A reason to go to rehab is to find long-term solutions to addiction, and holistic treatments offer just that. By introducing you to art therapy, music therapy, yoga, and more, we give you access to a variety of low-costs coping mechanisms. Whenever you’re feeling stressed, you can fall back on these to recenter yourself and soothe your mind, preventing relapses.

Real Benefits

Holistic therapies aren’t just fun to do or sound great on paper, they really do work! In one study, two groups of people who were overcoming addictions were followed for 12 months. Both groups were undergoing conventional therapy, but one was also practicing mindfulness-based relapse prevention, which is a meditative approach and entirely holistic. 

After the 12 month period, it was found that those who used mindfulness-based relapse prevention reported significantly fewer heavy drinking days and relapses than those who didn’t. 

Therapies such as  reiki for addiction, acupuncture for addiction, and mindfulness practices can truly help. These methods are designed to reduce stress which is a huge factor for relapses. If you can control your mind in stressful situations, the chance of turning to substances becomes a lot less of a risk. 

Diverse Treatment Options

Every addiction is different, which means that treatment should be unique to your needs and circumstances. But, traditional rehabs often stick to very regimented programs. Because there are so many different holistic methods for helping a person recover from addiction and find balance in life, they can create a more diverse treatment plan.

Not every holistic treatment is going to match your needs, but by trying out lots of different approaches you can find what works for you. Your addiction is entirely personal, and a one size fits all approach just isn’t going to work. But with freedom –and a calm, peaceful environment– you can start your journey to recovery.

Discover More Benefits of Holistic Rehab

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of holistic rehab, be sure to get in touch with our team at No Matter What Recovery. Our rehab facility offers a peaceful, supportive environment for sufferers of addiction to look within themselves and find their own methods of coping. If you know someone who’s battling addiction, we can help.