How Long Does Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal Take? A Timeline


The alcohol withdrawal process is different for every person. Every person’s situation is different, and various factors come into play with every withdrawal. The good news is that knowing where to get help and what to expect can make the experience less distressing.  It is important to understand how patterns of alcohol consumption impact the […]

Benefits of Quitting Alcohol


In many cases, there is always a list of the dangers of drinking alcohol and struggling with an addiction to it. What about the benefits of quitting alcohol?  It’s a good idea for someone suffering from an addiction to understand the benefits of quitting alcohol as well as the dangers.  Alcohol consumption that has crossed […]

What Are Examples of Sober Milestones?


Whether you’re pursuing recovery yourself or supporting a loved one, sober milestones can be very encouraging. These markers are clearly measurable signs of progress. Having these points to look forward to is essential for a process that can often be long and exhausting.  Some milestones for sobriety are very well-known, but there are endless ways […]

Alternatives to Long Beach Rehab


Addiction is a treatable disorder. Recovery from substance abuse, when treated at a live-in facility, is effective and surprisingly high. You do not have to struggle with addiction any longer. Something led you here to this article – take that as a sign. Now is a good time as any to take a step in […]

Social Drinker vs Addicted Drinker


According to a recent survey, 85.6% of Americans over the age of 18 have consumed alcohol on at least one occasion in their life. Some people know when to call it quits after one or two drinks, and there are many others who find they just can’t get enough. There is a stark difference between […]